Salmon Pinwheels with Salmon Roe + A Healthy Dinner for 4

  • 3 tortillas
  • 200gr smoked salmon
  • 200gr cream cheese
  • pepper
  • salmon roe
  • dill


Spread cream cheese over the tortillas.
Sprinkle with pepper.
Lay slices of salmon over the cheese and tightly roll up each tortilla into a cylinder.
Wrap each tortilla with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.
At serving time, slice the tortillas and arrange the pieces in a platter. 
Garnish with salmon roe and dill.


These festive rolls were the appetiser of a healthy dinner i prepared for 4 friends.
I also made Pumpkin Tartlets with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese, recipe adapted from The Veggie Sisters and as a main course Grilled Salmon with Capers and Leeks from The Healthy Cook.

Easy recipes to prepare and execute.

As a dessert i made a Baileys Cake from Food for Thought and delicious Kourabiedes from Kitchen Stories.

My friends were very excited with the menu and i suggest you try it for your friends, too!

Happy New Year!

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